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Welcome To Mesmerizing Touch

We are committed to personal services and uncompromising quality on makeups. Come have an advanture with us.

Who We Are

In the world of glam, you may find a lot of artists working and contriving their talent. But, a real makeover artist, embraces your outer beauty and turns it into a flawless look that you desire for the model like pictures. Especially when it comes to bridal makeup and party makeup, there are a lot of aspects to dig into for a favorable high definition tone. 

With the fastest-growing lifestyles, it is almost impossible for anyone to pinch out time in regular schedules and invest in skincare, haircare, and body care. Burning pockets on expensive skin treatments like acne removal, or hiding blemishes, dark spots, and much more is not at all recommended. 

So, what’s the best way to hide all these flaws? MAKEUP. Yeah! That’s right, a perfect makeup is an on-the-go savior for every bride or grooms when it is about to look picture perfect. Moreover, makeup complemented with hairstyling, outfit guidance, and accessories can lead anyone to a dream MAKEOVER. 


Rachna creates fineness and overall transformation of the look. Drawing inspiration from the natural spheres of beauty, fashion, and modern styling, she has covered everything in her makeovers. She applies unique sensibilities to all her work with an artist’s eye and the skilled hands of the seasoned artisan.

From all her life phases like graduating as an MBA, doing a job in Dubai, and following internships in the makeup field, made her realize the passion after so long. Her fashion and beauty sense speaks everything along with her ability to understand the need for a bridal makeover. 

In her certification, the work is acknowledged by India’s most famous celebrity makeover artist – Ojas Rajani. And, this recognition is so well reflected in Rachna’s profile as well. Along with the makeup, she assists with the complete guidance from start to end regarding attire, hairdo, and accessories that every bride needs for her special day.


And, MUA Rachna makes sure to set forth this definition while being the best makeover artist in Udaipur, at her Mesmerizing Touch.